Natural Skin Care Remedy, Witch Hazel


Plant-based skin care ingredient loved for ages

Witch hazel water is made from the leaves and bark of hamamelis virginiana which native Americans have been using for generations to treat skin inflammations, ulcers, muscle pain, colds, and many other symptoms.

What's all the hype about?

When it comes to the effectiveness in skin care, witch hazel has been proven to perform superbly at soothing and reducing irritations and inflammations.
Its inflammation relieving property can help to clear blemishes, zits, razor bumps, and relieve sunburns, hemorrhoids, and insect bites.
Tannins and polyphenols such as gallic acid in witch hazel are natural antioxidant compounds that may help to protect the skin against the damages from UV rays and free radicals.
Witch hazel is also effective on acne-prone and oily skin with its pore-tightening and anti-grease effect. It also has constricting effects on blood vessels and may help alleviate redness and varicose veins.
Lab For You's Multi-Ex Repair Cream and Multi-Ex Cleansing Foam contain more of witch hazel water than regular filtered water to effectively soothe and calm sensitive skin.