Gentle and Effective Cleansing— Multi-Ex Cleansing Foam



Multi-Ex Cleansing Foam is a self-foaming, skin-friendly cleanser.
Micro-oxygen bubbles reach deeply into the pores removing dead skin cells, debris, and excess sebum while leaving the skin hydrated.
It is pH balanced to protect the skin barrier.

Safe, Gentle.

Contains none of the harsh stuff!

    • 92% EWG Green Grade ingredients
    • Natural plant-derived surfactants and preservatives (extracted from coconut and corn)
    • FREE of harmful ingredients (NO sulfate, alcohol, paraben, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial colorants, Phenoxyethanol)
    • Proved to be non-irritant on skin compatibility assessment (irritancy 0.0)
    • pH balanced, low acidic cleanser 

Decyl Glucoside

Plant-Derived Surfactant From Corns and Coconuts



Synthetic surfactants used for their cheap price penetrate the skin to damage the skin's natural protective barrier and dry the skin.

Multi-Ex Cleansing Foam's decyl glucoside is naturally extracted from corns and coconuts, easily foams up and maintains the skin's moisture level even after repeated usage.

Unlike synthetic surfactants, decyl glucoside is gentle on the skin and safe for the environment because it's biodegradable.

Hydrating Ingredients

Give the skin what it needs!


Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has been known to soothe the skin for a long time and used as remedies by native Americans. Witch hazel helps to protect the skin from harmful substances.


Allantoin is an FDA approved, non-toxic and gentle ingredient that strengthens the skin's barrier and improves the skin texture. 

Multi-Ex BSASM

Multi-Ex BSASM is a patented ingredient made with green tea extract, gold extract, centella extract, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, licorice extract, and Japanese knotweed extract that helps to calm and hydrate the skin.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile contains abundant vitamins, minerals, and gamma linoleic acid and minimizes the loss of moisture and prevents the skin from drying after cleansing.